Sabrina Laughlin : We have a family activity, to the base, it is a pearl farm, it will be twenty years we are in pearl production. So fifteen years ago we opened the business visitors, they are made to complete the demonstration of the production of perle.

Sure, they sell products on site that we leave the water, So pearls mounted or raw, such as I have here, beautiful beads Taha'a… We also do activities, of boating excursions. Tours of the island is made in boat or mini van. It also opened there a few months on-site restaurant with a bar on the beach. It also transfers motu. We work in family. A base, the farm was set up by our dad, So we are a small team, il y a mon oncle, but many, cousins, cousin, and everyone is versatile. We're lucky to get along at the base and it is true that we include in the’welcome animation : whether to sing, whether to dance, I sing, my little sister, she dances, I sing and dance and my husband. Children, when there is no school, are in direct activity, in fact, This is a small village, we live all around, there is activity between the visitor center and a bit in our daily life.

Taha'a has remained very wild because I think there is no’airport to Taha'a and that's what gives it its charm. Valleys, the mountains are not inhabited yet. The houses are right on the coast, at the seaside, so there has beautiful valleys, beautiful mountains, very beautiful plantations to discover, and a very lagoons of course, and exceptional people.

Bruno Georges Meunier : we are established since October 2007 so it is not very long on Taha'a and we opened a small structure diving. In fact, we work mainly with guesthouses on Taha'a that are quite contrary to what many might think. Is due to the formation, Baptisms are made, we went snorkeling beginner, we went snorkeling confirmed. Taha'a is really an exceptional site for this because it offers the full range of possible dive at whatever level divers.

We our advantage is that we are a small. My boat is a boat of aluminum seven meters so I can ship up to six to eight divers and dives are always with let's say on average between three and four divers. So it is really very friendly and we have very close contacts with the divers.

Taha'a is really an island that deserves to be discovered, both the island itself, to the mountains and the jungle is truly practically intact on the island, both why the discovery of the lagoon is beautiful. It really is an island that is worth discovering for itself.

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti Nui Companies
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