Phave wooden hull but fiber glass, but not to ream a motor. In addition to its form, this canoe is not authentic but it might surprise you. Came two meters long, it resembles our Polynesian ancestors, well if we exclude the modern touches.

Claude Carlson, association « Faafaite i te ao Maohi » : « Today we no longer cut trees, we will try to protect trees. And if the former have the glass fiber, it is on he would have used. »

Total cost of construction of these boats and thirty-six million Germans who are behind this project : Ocean noise Foundation has built the canoe and three other New Zealand.

Claude Carlson, association « Faafaite i te ao Maohi : « This canoe was us, if you can say, offered by a patron named Paul Dietr Paulmann. »This great boat is named « Faafaite i te ao Maohi », The ceremony will take place 31 October, but traditional sailing enthusiasts do not want to wait, this is the case Teiki Pambrun discover with amazement that the canoe.

Teiki Pambrun, association « Faafaite i te ao Maohi » : « it is in the old forms, even if it is with the composite, Modern material ».

Navigate as the ancient Polynesians almost, they will do the captain Teva Plichart and his crew will travel Polynesian waters and in April 2010 the boat will head to the islands Hawaii where there will be a great meeting with other sailors from Samoa, Tonga and New Zélande.Un travel relive’history Polynesian hoping that the stars will guide them otherwise there is always the GPS.

Source : Tahiti harmed TV

<strong>Realization</sstronggt;: Writing TNTV
<strong>Realization</strong>: Writing TNTV <strong>Production</strong> : Tahiti harmed TV
Type : Series reports Theme : Topics Title : Topics Synopsis : extracted from the local newspaper chain damaged television Tahiti, topic is a focus on a traditional event Polynesian Unit length : 1 to 3 minutes Episodes: 5 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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