Rcounter with different species of fish qui peuplent les fonds sous-marins polynésiens : Napoleon's impressive small clownfish hiding in sea anemones.

The seabed in French Polynesia never ceases to impress share the waters of incredible clarity, but also by the many species encountered during dives.

This picture while we embark on a fantastic journey, to encounter more or less rare species.

And we sail in pursuit of a small jellyfish, leave to accompany the sole, then suddenly, plunging into the murky depths, the majestic manta appears. Dangerous animal but so majestic, we can only admire the grace in his movements, like flying through the water.

Realization: Mickael Colombel
Realization: Mickael Colombel Production : Magic Camera
Type : Series magazines Theme : While images of underwater images Title : History d'eau Synopsis : while a musical images to explore the flora and wildlife underwater Polynesian. Unit length : 3 minutes Episodes: 7 Language : fonds musical Formats : 4/3

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