Interview of Monsieur Temauri Foster, Minister of Marine Resources
The government of French Polynesia has made a firm decision to engage in the promotion of perle and began with sales organizations of Pearls Polynesia as the desire of the Government of French Polynesia, is to gradually reduce the sales of real pearl in its cradle that is French Polynesia.

Arrival in Bora Bora and Bora Bora Nui Hotel

Interview de Madame Ingrid Izquierdo, CEO of the House of Pearl
Home of the pearl was created in 2009 in the context of reforms undertaken by the Government in this period, reform also desired by professionals, So the pearl, The idea was immediately put in place sorting, expertise beads and reactivate the promotion of pearl, This is really the heart of Mission : sorting both, expertise, and secondly promoting Bead. It has implemented a number of actions this year have been highly instructive for us, Learning, channel enhancement, and were also quite satisfactory, we had concrete results with those actions. The auction, we know that this will be the action highlight of the year.

This is a promotional marketing but also, we really wanted it to be more concrete, we wanted to link the promotion and sale of pearls. The auction figures, it is about twenty buyers, half of international buyers, half of local buyers, was fifteen pearl fifteen different islands that have played the game of this auction. This is 240 000 Pearls, 30 000 A / B and 210 000 C/D. These pearls were appraised one to one, they are all passed to the House of the pearl and have been a first sorting, this is called sorting for expertise, that is to say, there is an auction or not, we see what is the value of the crop, the value of pearls that compose individually. Then, there is a second work of which is analyzed in the light of the lots that we organized for auction.

Viewing and auctions beads gem Top categories A and B

Interview with Mr. Paul Yu, perliculteur Atoll the Takaroa, Tahiti black pearl
We have not yet made the balance sheet total, but apparently, ça va, we are satisfied, fully satisfied with the outcome of this sale because buyers have regained confidence in the pearl, this is what is important : buyer confidence. All is well. The price list was well prepared, well thought, the results are there : beads have been well sold and buyers are also pleased that scale then.

Interview with Mr. Jonathan Sayeb, responsible for sorting the House of Pearl
A schedule is walking not without a price. In the scale, there are six forms, five qualities, three sizes and twelve colors, So the scale is our own sorting. The service we offer is the pearl to come to the House of Pearl, we sort their pearls free, on the expertise, it cleans, so they could leave on good foundations for good marketing.

Interview de madame Françoise Henri, perlicultrice, Ahe Atoll
I also think it is important to bring the expertise center of the pearl of Polynesia. What I mean, is that we should no longer be on the expertise that is solely the buyers, the same way you can not have expertise that may be made by sellers, because it would be completely subjective expertise, So it is that this is the house that is the pearl in Tahiti that makes expertise and expertise we take these as references.

Evening at Bloody Mary's, announcement of the best buyer of the day

Intervention of Mr. Tong Tang, President of French Polynesia
Ladies and Gentlemen, expensive but, iaorana, manava and maeva. I want tonight to put in your presence the Best buyer of the sale to Mr. Glenn Tehaamatai who bought 13 848 007 francs.

Interview with Mr. Glenn Tehaamatai, buyer, Director Tahiti Pearl Market
I actually won the best buyer but it was not a voluntary search. I think if I did it today, this is to support a product that is the pearl. We have the only gem of the Pacific, the only French gem, it must be remembered. I think the House of the pearl had any interest to begin this first auction to initiate things. I talked with some international buyers, they were ready to play their role, and they really want a return to these auctions on French Polynesia.

Interview with Mr. Foster Temauri, Minister of Marine Resources
This auction, we wanted to organize on the island of Bora Bora, which is also called « Pearl of the Pacific », but it is not just for that reason. We wanted to organize this sale here because there is a symbolic, and there is also a history. The history of pearl Polynesia began on the island of Bora Bora… You are in preview, We made a short stop at the historic site where the first pearl farm was built.

Mr. Stanley intervention Ellacott, Station Manager Air Tahiti to Bora Bora
The first pearl farm was here, in the face of Motu Tapu Bay for four years 1961 to 1965.

Interview with Ms. Jeanne Lecourt, responsible for promoting the House of Pearl
We really wanted to make a promotional, bring auctions to Tahiti because buyers have long been in the market for Tahitian pearl we asked, natural selection for buyers because those who move are theoretically interesting and interested buyers for the Tahitian pearl, and then to restore the confidence of pearl. So we did an auction of top a / b and an auction of c / d. We begin here to segment the market to change attitudes.

Viewing beads categories C and D

Interview de monsieur Hiren Zavery, buyer, All Nippon pearls
I know it may be a lot of competition. I hope to acquire some lots and I wish also to other buyers.

Auctions beads categories C and D

Mr. Foster intervention Temauri, Minister of Marine Resources
Pending the final decision after the first count of earlier, for the time being, I'd like to applaud loudly the best buyer of this auction now, Mr. Okuda is…

Interview de monsieur Kazuya Okuda, buyer, Okuda Pearl trading
You know, if each auction is happening here now, many buyers and prices will increase.

Mr. Foster intervention Temauri, Minister of Marine Resources
The second highest bidder is All Nipon Pearls…

Interview de monsieur Hiren Zavery, buyer, All Nippon pearls
I bought some lots that I wanted, but some escaped me ! It was a very good auction all items. As said Mr. Okuda, if you continue to make auctions Tahiti, it will be very beneficial for buyers and sellers.

Mr. Foster intervention Temauri, Minister of Marine Resources
The third is the fare for the collector 18 150 000 francs.

Interview with Mr. Henri Montgarde, buyer, The fare collector's

To me, lots that I wanted, I personally have had so this was very well. I think we were four traders in this auction, and I think these four traders, I can speak on their behalf, are left satisfied.

Interview de monsieur Gaston Tong Tang, President of French Polynesia
Prices offered to buy lots of beads today, far exceed the price estimated by the home of the pearl. So much better, this means that the pearl is now regain momentum, its rightful place in the’economy. Should we continue, do not release, at any point of view, both at the diver, at which the graft, at Property… There is a growing, there is a way of thinking to really like this product and sell it better.

Cocktail closing auctions Tahitian pearls

Mr. Foster intervention Temauri, Minister of Marine Resources
All of you who came to Bora Bora, you contributed to this auction for what I consider a first for the house of the pearl as a success. To give you very quickly figures that emerged from this sale, we have collected 154 512 774 franc overall results of this sale which is in my opinion is a very satisfactory result. The average price of the pearl is 1600 francs, therefore a price per gram of 908 francs. So the numbers I can tell you, with a gain of everything that has been sold 13%. Once again : good evening !

Interview with Mr. Vidhan Chaudhari, buyer, Pearl of the Orient, JP Gems
I think it was a wonderful idea. If you continue, it will be a great help. As also said some buyers, if all sales were in Tahiti and not in Hong Kong, it would be much better for Tahiti and the pearl industry. I totally agree with this. I am satisfied, it was a very good auction from beginning to end. We hope this will happen again, not just once but three or four times a year. I will come to each auction in Tahiti, either three times or even ten times !

Interview de monsieur Yoshitaka Toyosaki, buyer, Create Gem International
This auction was very interesting to Tahiti. I think it is important that the auctions will do in Tahiti.

Fire Dance

Interview de madame Lise Haoatai, perlicultrice, With Raiatea
This auction was a blast for us, the pearl, and I wish all the pearl are not there.

Interview of Mr. Frédéric Missir, buyer, creator, jeweler, Palasca
It's always a pretty exciting atmosphere…. Everyone meets, destination, of country, Education… this is a good time for sharing and I just heard from the Minister of pearl they would try to ensure that there are three or four times a year and that's really what I wish ardently… And sales return here, this is what has always seemed obvious from the beginning, and although it is back, they understood that the pearl Polynesian s'achète online Polynésie, not elsewhere !

Interview de madame Iris Bredin, perlicultrice, Manihi Atoll de
To me, this is the first time I make a sale of pearls. My father has done several times and it is I who rebuke the torch. I am satisfied, because the price has dropped so much that something and the House of Pearl is hoped did something… new life for us.

Departure from the Hotel Bora Bora Nui and Bora Bora

Interview de Madame Ingrid Izquierdo, CEO of the House of Pearl
The auction went very well last, or rather the auctions because we had two auctions : an auction of top gem beads A and B and an auction beads C and D. For information, we sold approximately 100 000 pearls 150 000 000 francs peaceful. International buyers were interviewed by many journalists who were there, they are expressed and I was quite happy with their interviews because they expressed what we think and what we said before the auction, namely that there was a real interest in them and for us that sales of Tahitian pearls in Tahiti to redo.

For us the best reward was really happy to see the pearl, would come and ask us when the next, so we'll try to do it fairly quickly and if possible try to meet as many people around this event whether at local buyers, International, of pearl, do something that is a carrier for the future, gives hope in an area where today some doubts, and ask that they should continue or stop.

We, today, we will go ahead, we will continue to move forward with people who wish to advance, we hope they will become more, and for this, This auction was a fantastic experience and a beautiful message of hope for the future.

Realization : Claire Schwob
Realization : Claire Schwob Production :
Type : Series magazines

Theme : Pearl of Tahiti Title : House of Pearl Synopsis : The House of the Tahitian Pearl organizes throughout the year numerous events. Symposium, auction sale, competition… There magazine suggested divers reports witnessed the major events that the House of Pearl implements. Unit length : of 2 to 19 minutes Episodes: 4 Language : French Formats : 16 9th, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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