Trailer of the chain of Creation

Light, the sweet life Polynesian always promoted artistic creation : Gauguin to Matisse, many artists have fallen under the spell. Create chain highlights all Polynesian artists : singers, writers, musicians,... read more

Vaihere Cadousteau, women and writing

I'm Vaihere Poe Cadousteau, I am a teacher at the College of Tipaerui, I teach French and I am also a writer for the dance group Tamarii Tipaerui during the Heiva since the year 2004 up & rsquo; to & rsquo; year ... read more

Andrée Lebel, portrait artist in Tahiti

Andrée Lebel : I'm from Canada, More specifically Québec is a francophone province ; and I was born in a city is the river. It is very important to me because these water colors, all this happens with imaginary ... read more

Ariirau, women and writing

I'm Ariirau, I am known as a writer of Ariirau, I was born in Pirae, I studied letters, niveau doctoral Ă  New-York, Then I wrote my first novel in May 2005 which was released in September 2005... read more

Heidi Yieng Kow, women and writing

I studied, I actually have a contest to get a job especially, I applied and I was lucky enough to be taken. I did three years of training in Bordeaux after the Bachelors in English and after I came back and ... read more

Mareva Talmant, women and writing

I'm Mareva Talmant, I am a third year Bachelor of Arts at the University and I really write for pleasure, I write when I feel like it actually. I do not limit myself to write because you have to write ... It is ... read more

Titaua Peu, women and writing

Titaua Peu, 34 years, author of "mutism" released in 2003. What prompted me to write this is a kind of anger. I returned from my studies in Paris, I arrived in Tahiti and my country was no longer the same. It is this feeling that ... read more

Miriama Geoffroy, women and writing

Miriama Geoffroy, women and writing to the assembly of French Polynesia (Tahiti) In fact currently I am a painter, but it is a vocation which proved to me there is not very long, there are only six. Before... read more