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W illiam Vanizette : My focus is the promotion of our Polynesian exports, this is almost the heart of our business since our government has decided for a number of years to have a proactive strategy to promote our exports. This strategy is already producing results, as we have witnessed a growing diversification of our exports in recent years.

This dynamic business Polynesian is a lot of imagination, creativity because they are small structures, Of course the size of our country, many innovations that rely on the natural and cultural heritage of Polynesia, on its strengths, this profusion of nature, terroir that allows quality products behind our traditional exports namely oil copra, Vanilla is a vanilla tahitensis recognized by specialists who will experience a boost as the government has decided to revive its production to export our Leeward Islands.

We were able to add to our range a number of other products, I want to talk particularly tuna, Tahitian tuna is a product leader in export. Notre zone économique exclusive nous permet d’augmenter notre potentiel de fishing et d’accroître notre flottille de pêche thonière. Nous avons un bagno ONU alimento healthcare sloppy surprising honeycomb hairstyle walking nicely suited the United States , called by noni, a pharmafood donc. Behind these products, nous avons ensuite un certain nombre d’autres produits comme la bijouterie fantaisie qui s’appuie sur une culture polynésienne très riche et très diverse selon les archipelagos ; we speak for example of basketry in the Austral, two scultura sur wood the Marquesas, but also a lot of work on the basis of our shells, of Notre pearl, of Notre perle, therefore a variety of product jewelry fashion accessories starting to be more and more known around the world.

We have tropical garment is also an industry worth ; tropical flowers, especially to France, current will strengthen in the coming months.
We have other products such as course-based cosmetics Monoi, do not forget this exploitation remains quite significant, particularly to metropolitan France, et d'un certo number commodities comme les Autres fish d'aquariophilie , etc. We export 70 countries in the world mainly due to the pearl which represents 80% our exports of goods, and 20% other exports, we, if we can say, ten target countries for exports that I quoted earlier. We encourage investors to join us, thus strengthening our production potential export. We are also looking in our target markets of potential distributors to co-facilitate with us, enable our sales target markets, we need to rely on their expertise, we therefore use their energy, their energy and they can contact us at the service of foreign trade.

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