Téléspectateurs faithful turn Mata'eina'a, hello. We are this week in the town of Faa'a, who has a young population large enough. What do we talk ? On a new phenomenon that happens in our recently : a dance called HipHop… Let us clarify Tinomano about it.

Tinomano, hello.


You practice a dance that you enjoy many, le Hip-hop…


Where does this dance and how did you start ?

It comes from America. In fact, it is the television that I saw for the first time. I was more, so I started dancing at home. I really like it. I was told that you had won a competition hip hop…

What is the name of your group and what have you gained, how dance ?

My group is called TCB, Tahitian Cyber Breaker. We won the challenge Hip-hop Orangina.

You won what category ?

In that the choreography. This is our group leader who taught us each movement, like this, like this, like this.

Where do you train ?

Behind the mayor of Faa'a.

On what music you dance ?

It uses music from America and France.

Day of training, how it's going ? Tell us.

When you arrive at the town hall Faa'a, the whole group is present, our friends are already there. Our manager called us : « I'll just train ». And it begins. The coach tells everyone that he will dance : « you, you will dance it, like that and not hurt you ». It surrounds us.

In Hip-Hop, there is only one way of dancing and there are several ?

There are many, as boogaloo, le break-dance, pop, waving and lots of other things.

What difference is there between these kinds of dances ?

For some, on the hands, other upright, or sometimes on the belly. We often see these young people who are in every sense, on the head, on the stomach, on the back.

He arrives he has accidents ?

You can have sore hands, feet, stomach. Quand ça arrive, it is not clear. What you plan to soothe the pain ? It was obviously a spray, when we hurt a place and sprayed… The pain decreases. Right, was worse.

And if you break something, also used the spray ?

Not, must go to the hospital.

How is it that in injury and ?

People do not train properly.

How long you dance in a dance style ?

You can dance for two hours, this is why you have to prepare your body and breath.

For you, le hip-hop, it is a dance or sport ?

Both. You use your body in hip-hop, your feet, so for me, it is a dance. However, it is also a sport because you work your breath.

What message would you send to young people who would be interested in this dance ?

If you want to dance, come. We have a group and teach you to dance.

Girls, boys, everyone can dance it ?

Everyone, anyone.

Tinomano, you're a champion of Hip-hop ?


Is that you can show us what you can do ?

Ok !

Shows some !

I want to try but it's better not, I may stay on the ground. If you've seen it, Do not dance with you, TCB or join Tinomano it will show. We, soon we find ourselves still in Faa'a. Thank you all, goods Tinomano.

Thank you.

Realization: Claire Schwob
Realization: Claire Schwob Production : Tahiti nui companies
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