Hinagaro Tokoragi in Cosmetic academy, season 3

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Hinagaro Tokoragi dans Cosmetic academy, saison 3

Hinagaro Tokoragi a 41 years, profession knows : Customs officer. Hinano has chosen to create a ritual capillary : "O'Hono." Hinano TokoragiCe that triggered my registration, it's just my friend, Rivers, who asked me to accompany him in this contest and I thank dragged me to this contest. Thanks to her I saw a thrilling experience. I wanted to represent Tahiti, mountain side. Tahiti and valleys, Tahiti and its rivers and including my product I wanted to pay tribute to an ancient practice : shampoo with nectar opui. In fact in ...

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Well in my body to Tahiti : their muscles in water

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Bien dans mon corps à Tahiti : se muscler dans l’eau

The aqua is a refreshing and perfect physical activity especially when you live in a hot country like Tahiti. Whether you're athletic or not, this gym allows you to work gently and, whatever your age. The aerobics is a form of exercise because it is already known long been used for functional rehabilitation in thalassotherapy centers and specialized kynésithérapie. This is a very nice because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of water, of the year, a beautiful environment and sun. More, it decreases ...

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Well in my body : know how to manage stress

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Bien dans mon corps : savoir gérer son stress

Stress is part of our daily. Any activity can stress produced, not necessarily harmful stress. Our level of resistance can be easily achieved when we are tired or an avalanche of problems falls on us. Then, how to manage a stressful situation ? First of all, breathe deeply and relax. It is good to learn to put things into perspective and take a step back. You will see that your concern is not as bad as it looks in. Try to see your problem in a positive way and think what happens to you ...

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Well in my body to Tahiti : learn to be happy

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Bien dans mon corps à Tahiti :  apprendre à être heureux

In life, it is not always easy to stay in a good mood. Can you stay calm or happy whatever the situation ? Studies have shown that happiness is mainly due to the look that you wear on his experiences and his life in general. It was noticed that happy people have fewer concerns because they do not get distracted by the little things irritating and think constructively when real problems occur. Is there a way to become happy and zen ? Or is it enough just to change his way of seeing things and choose to be happy ...

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