Nous commençons cette broadcast par un aspect technique : the manufacture of a snowboard. To my knowledge, there are two robots shaper Tahiti, one of which belongs to David Tortellier. David does not belong to the category of nostalgic way « it was better before… », not, not. Him, he chose to move with the times. Of course this requires financial sacrifices, but apparently the game is his bread foam. With the aid of a computer, a program tailored to the drawings and CNC machine, it is definitely a shaper modern. Presentation before and after.

David Tortellier : is, this is the living head, this is where we sculpt the plates with a plane for roughing volumes for foam blanks, and then after, full of drawing tools, Sanding, grinding for finishing.

Room chef classic ! Now here is the room leader of modern times.

David Tortellier : this machine ! It is a machine CNC CNC allows using software well led power drawing boards and get them out very precisely on a foam classic before it goes to the finish ; five to ten minutes of hand finishing, and then after it is all of the following : frosting, sanding are always the same steps that do not move.

The principle of this type of machine is very simple. The foam is held in place by suction cups on a con mechanical. This con moves back and forth and represents the X axis. The plane is actually an abrasive disc that moves along two axes : the Y axis, this axis represents the movement of the width of the board from one rail to the other, and finally the Z axis, which moves from top to bottom.

Side computer, drawing software based on Bezier curves will draw all kinds of boards. This is where the talent the shaper because it is not enough to have a machine to make a good board, does it still have good measures… Otherwise, the machine will carry out a « sausage » shaper in language. What is very interesting in this development, it is only with the agreement of a large shaper it is possible to reproduce an identical one of these shapes.

David Tortellier : if all goes well, by about a year, could be networked, So all the guys who have this machine could be networked and after, according to the wishes of each other, buy files, or give them away if you do not want to do that communication images, to import and export boards, without going through the freight.

The machine does not replace the talent shapers who also using this technique to bright future !

David Tortellier : when I brought the machine and I do « go », the cursor follows all, it takes all passes, he ends by the rails…

Ok David, was roughly understand the principle, Now we want to see a demo.

The robot work completed, man takes over for finishing. The machine has been 15 minutes to complete a short board, and about twenty minutes for a longboard. The laminators meanwhile have not icing their machine. Who knows, maybe one day ! for’history and a little surf culture, c'est Michel Barland, engineer and uncle of the Basque coast surfer who invented and developed the first machine capable of carrying a surfboard.

Too great technology. But man will always be essential to the success of the process of shape.

Now the valley of Tipaerui, we are heading Teahupoo. The transfer of 15 December 2006, with Hira and Michel, the day after the biggest towing session with the famous vague Raimana of Vandastolaer towed by a jet ski.

Realization: Marc-Antoine Bouvant
Realization: Marc-Antoine Bouvant Production : Fleck fleck productions
Type : Series magazines Theme : The sports of slides française en Polynésie Title : Pure vibes Synopsis : Adrenalin after the magazine slides broadcast on RFO Polynesia, and without releasing the micro, Marco Magazine presents a show dedicated to sports practiced in Polynesia, punctuated by summaries of the latest competitions and trends. Unit length : 5 minutes 30 Episodes: 6 Language : French Formats : 4/3, the webtv of Tahiti and her Islands : your virtual trip to French Polynesia through hundreds of video

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